7 Yoga Workouts for Men (Full Length YouTube Video Classes)

By Jason Jacques

Looking for yoga workouts for men?

Get ready to limber up. Build strength. And free up aches and pains. Featuring 7 mens yoga classes to get you moving all week.

These yoga workouts for men are going to power up your core! Challenge your stability. And really make you focus on mindful movement.

Each of these yoga workouts for men will be 30-45 minutes in length.

Guaranteed, you are going to learn some new movements. Even if you have practiced yoga before – we will go beyond some of the traditional movements and add in some MVMNT flair.

Some of the sequences might be challenging. Don’t give up. Keep practicing!

Once you understand basic yoga poses for beginners, the movements will become much more fluid.

Ultimately, you can expect to improve strength, flexibility, and move better.

Yoga Workouts for Men Instructions

This series features 7 mens yoga classes.

Use these classes daily, or pick and choose from your favourite classes.

I would recommend starting on the Episode #1 of mens yoga class on YouTube, and following the rest of the classes thereafter.

Decide which classes you like. We’re there any movements or poses you couldn’t do that you would like to go back and work on?

Practice these classes often. You may even just repeat these classes the following week. Why not aim for 4-weeks?

BUT remember, listen to your body. If you’re feeling sore and need a break – take a day off. Hell, take two if you need it.

Just remember to practice with some consistency. Set yourself a bare minimum.

For example,

I, [your name], will practice yoga at least [#] times per week.

Easy! Then you just pick your day(s) and go to it. Go to a studio in your area. Or come here. You’ve got 7 yoga workouts to choose from.

Good luck! You’ve got this! 💪

Here are the episodes in the Mens Yoga Classes on YouTube playlist:

Mens Yoga on YouTube – Episode #1

Mens Yoga on YouTube – Episode #2

Mens Yoga on YouTube – Episode #3

Mens Yoga on YouTube – Episode #4

Mens Yoga on YouTube – Episode #5

Mens Yoga on YouTube – Episode #6

Mens Yoga on YouTube – Episode #7

Yoga, Fitness, & Lifestyle Tips for Men

Hey you’ve read all the way to the bottom. You must be real interested in learning more. Fortunately for you, I am always working to put together more yoga, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tips specifically for men.

Hope you like the classes! Let me know what you think, or leave any special requests in the comments.