Best Wrist Exercises For Handstands

By Jason Jacques

Many beginners look for wrist exercises for handstands after they start feeling pain and/or are not flexible in the wrists.

If that’s you, fear not.

All you need is a good wrist warmup for handstands. So you can happily practice handstands for years to come!

While handstands are an underrated skill to develop – the most important thing to remember is that we are not anatomically designed to walk on our hands.

So getting into a practice can cause a lot of new stress on muscles that are not adapted (yet) to it.

This is why it is critical to always warm up your wrists before practicing handstands. Always.

And work on improving mobility.

Good news is, if you practice these exercises daily – you can dramatically improve wrist flexibility.

And enjoy pain free handstands.

Full Wrist Warmup For Handstands

Remember, the wrists are not conditioned to hold your bodyweight. 

Your ankles do that. Not your wrists.

But fear not! They can easily become stronger and more flexible.

You just have to be patient with the body as it adapts.

I would recommend following the below wrist warmup daily. Do it for a few days and memorize the stretches. Continue doing them consistently. Always before handstands.

Don’t forget. Consistency is key.

If you are committed to a handstand journey, you will need to take care of those wrists.

Learn How To Practice Handstands For Beginners

Wrists are often one of the biggest problems beginners face.

But there are often many other problems they struggle with (shoulders, alignment, strength, balance, “banana back”, etc).

Truth is, handstands are an advanced skill that take many weeks and years to learn and develop. 

If you want to learn the foundations and how to develop a solid handstand practice, checkout our free handstand training series, Handstand 101.

It features 7 lessons that uncover everything you need to achieve this advanced feat.

Any questions, just leave a comment below.


Jason Jacques

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