Handstand Mastery: Overview

Handstand Mastery

Welcome to Handstand Mastery

Handstand Mastery is our flagship training program designed to guide you on your handstand journey. Discover the best exercises designed into strategic workouts to move you forward. So you can develop an incredible handstand AND improve your total body fitness as a whole. You will become stronger while toning your entire body. More importantly, you will become much more supple as we improve your mobility and flexibility.

BUT remember… Results will only come if you are consistent with the work. The handstand is NOT something you can learn just by reading a training manual or book. It is a PHYSICAL skill that must be learned through consistent practice. Such as learning the guitar or piano.

Don’t get frustrated. Handstands are by far one of the most challenging physical skills to learn. And the beginning is the hardest part. Stay disciplined to do the workouts–even if you don’t feel like doing it. You WILL have bad days or times you don’t feel like doing the workout. Just do it anyways.

After a few weeks, the workouts will start getting easier. And you’ll start to notice results. This will motivate you to keep progressing.

Which level should I start on?

This depends on your current abilities and experience with the handstand. Are you brand new and never been upside down before? Start with Novice. Are pretty fit and have already been practicing handstands for awhile? Perhaps you start at beginner. Can you hold a 30-second plus handstand? Start at intermediate. If you can hold 1-minute plus handstands, and perform the balance workout without using a wall, advanced will be your final challenge.

How long will it take?

It’s impossible to say how long it will take to achieve your goals. Everyone is different. For example, someone with great shoulder mobility is going to have a much easier time opening the shoulders in the drills. Someone with a poor shoulder flexion is going to have a harder time and have to spend more time improving its range. Finally, it’s important to remember that handstands are a physical skill that must be learned. The more time you spend upside down, the faster your body will gain proprioception and adapt to the position. Down that path we also need to address areas you may be stronger or weaker in than others. Such as strength or flexibility, on top of learning bodyweight control and alignment. Ultimately, you need to condition your body through months and years of consistent practice.

If you are already pretty fit and flexible, handstand may come easier. Maybe not. At the end of the day you get out what you put in.

If you joined our Handstand Academy membership, I check in every few weeks to see how progress is going. You should expect to see some progress in that time frame. And the workouts will start getting easier. By weeks 6 – 9 you might look at advancing to the next level in the training program.

How many days do I need to train?

You get out what you put in. You need to apply enough stress on your body for it to improve and adaptations to happen. You only need a few times per week, and can increase the volume over time.

Handstand Mastery is meant to provide a progressive training journey to improve the areas of strength, flexibility, balance, and alignment. The expectation is 3 to 6 days per week, depending on your skill level. However, you can always modify to fit your individual lifestyle needs. One day per week is always better than zero days per week.

Finally, listen to your body. Maybe your wrists are too sore one day to practice. Take a rest. Or modify and do the mobility and core workout instead. Remember to have fun and enjoy the practice for years to come.

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*Please note: training videos for some exercises are currently being uploaded. Check back soon for the updated training levels.