Handstand Mastery: Beginner

The beginner phase is for those who are comfortable being upside down and know how to properly fall over. The workouts in this phase are going to have you completely upside down, with your hips over your wrists. You will be using both horizontal and vertical surfaces to improve your balance and alignment, as well as build strength and endurance, while further improving your mobility and flexibility.

Get ready to be challenged! Make sure you do these workouts. Assess your results in 4-8 weeks and determine if you are ready to move onto the Intermediate phase. If you are not ready, continue practicing the beginner phase. Everyone is different. You might be athletic and strong already. Or you might be relatively inactive and trying to improve your fitness. If you have a base for strength, your body might adapt to the exercises faster. Just go at your own pace and know you will progress when you are ready.

Beginner Phase Details

There are 5 workouts in the beginner phase. If you have the time, perform all 5 per week. How you choose to schedule them is up to you. Fit a rest day or two in where you would like. Just make sure you are fitting in the workouts each week!

  • Day 1 – Strength & Endurance A
  • Day 2 – Alignment
  • Day 3 – Mobility & Core
  • Day 4 – Balance
  • Day 5 – Combination

Workout Sheets

I have included workout sheets to track your efforts. If you need them, click on the link below. Make a copy of the worksheet and you are all set. The levels are tabbed at the bottom. You can track your details in the sheet, or print them off and write them in manually.

Click Here to Access Workout Sheets

Beginner Workouts

Workout Programming

For the beginner phase, it is recommended you train 4-or-5 days per week.

You can set your schedule however you prefer. If you plan to do all 5 workouts on your weekdays, go for it.

If you prefer 4-days per week, alternate between Alignment and Balance workouts each week.

If you wanna dial it back even more, at least perform the Combination workout 3-days per week.

How much you practice is entirely up to you.

Just remember practice makes progress.

And don’t forget to listen to your body. Take rests if you need them. No sense pushing through things like pain in the wrists. Or exhausted shoulders. Just take a day off.

Finally, here is a workout planning template you can print off and use to keep track of your workouts.

Little old school, I know. Feel free to schedule the training days in your calendar on your device.

Here’s an example with a 5-day per week training schedule you might follow:

In the example above, let’s pretend I planned to train 5-days per week in this frame. As you can see, I missed a workout or two and adjusted my calendar as needed.

This is just an example. You will need to schedule your workouts and follow through with them throughout the week.

Hopefully you find this training schedule helpful.

Remember, dial back to 4-days per week (Alignment OR Balance) or 3-days per week (Combo workout).

The most important thing is that you are practicing consistently.

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