How To Do Front Splits (Improve Hip & Hamstring Flexibility)

By Jason Jacques

Learning how to do front splits was something HARD for me…

In fact, growing up I was really inflexible. It wasn’t until I got into martial arts around 18 years old that I realized how bad it was.

That’s what led me into yoga. Which was yet another humbling experience.

All that twisting and turning was not easy for some as stiff as a 2×4 like me!

BUT over time, my flexibility improved.

However, hip mobility and flexibility was the hardest for me. With all of the running, and not to mention, sitting at a damn desk all day – my hips and hamstrings were pretty bad.

No worries! A little extra focus on the area will do the trick.

And today, I’m going to show you how to do front splits. Even if you are inflexible.

How To Do Front Splits: Follow Along Video Sequence

This video will feature a great sequence for opening up your hips for the front split position.

We will follow up with a front split hold.

I would recommend performing the sequence at least once, twice is nice, and then hold front split for 1-minute on both sides.

This will really improve your flexibility and eventually get you to front splits.

Practice Your Front Splits Often

Don’t forget to practice this sequence often!

I mean it. Don’t you go and try it once and never forget it.

Try to do this sequence at least 3 times per week. Hell, challenge yourself to do it daily.

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