How To Fall Out Of A Handstand (Overcome Fear)

By Jason Jacques

Learning how to fall out of a handstand will help you immensely.


Obviously so you don’t topple over like like Humpty Dumpty and break yourself on the ground. That’s a start.

Not only that…

But understanding how to fall out of a handstand will get rid of any fear you might have! That’s because you’ll be prepared for falling out of handstands.

It’ll be like second nature. You’ll feel like Neo with that ninja sense.

HERE is the truth…

You are going to fall over practicing handstands.

It is 100% guaranteed.

That’s bold.

But I stand by it.

You’ll fall.

(again and again…)

But fear not my friend. If you are just getting started with handstands, learning how to fall from handstand will ensure a safe practice and help you avoid injuries or crashing to the ground.

How To Fall Out Of A Handstand: Introduction

So in this lesson, we are going to cover a few things. First, I am going to give you a better understanding of the movement involved when exiting from a falling handstand.

When you are unexpectedly toppling over from handstand, you need to be able to react in an instant to exit safely. This involves knowing what to do with your body to control how you fall out of a handstand. We will cover this in more detail below.

Keep in mind…

You CANNOT learn how to fall out of handstand just by reading about.

That means you will need to practice the movements we discuss below.

Let’s get into it.

First, Understand Handstands Are Challenging To Understand

Handstands are a difficult skill that take a long time to learn and develop.

Your body is not going to be used to it.

In fact, your Nervous System is going to be all… “WTF is going on?”

It grew up training your proprioceptive awareness of space on your feet.

Now you flip it upside down and it’s all f#cked.

Sidenote: your wrists are not going to be prepared to hold your body. Which is why it is important to always warmup with wrist exercises for handstands.

Remember, you are practically a baby learning to walk again (now on your hands). Getting upside down is the only way to do this.

Below will teach you how to fall out of handstands without fear. So you can have fun getting upside down.

Falling Out Of Handstands: How To React

First thing is, don’t panic!

You will know as your body goes beyond equilibrium and begins to fall over. In that moment, you simply have to turn the body as if performing a cartwheel.

A good way to learn this is cartwheels (obviously), and exiting drills.

It can be helpful to learn falling by repositioning the hand and practicing the exiting motions.

Let’s cover the hands positioning, and then I will share a drill you can use to practice exiting with it.

Hand Positioning While Falling Out Of A Handstand

We’ll start with hand positioning of your handstand:

Hand Positioning During Handstand:

So you’re in your handstand and life is all good and dandy…

Suddenly… your body starts to go over your wrists and you feel that fall coming on.

“Oh shit!”

The next reaction should be dropping a leg and turning the momentum to that side (again, like exiting a cartwheel).

You can leave the hands where they are. However, if you are able to place a lead hand in front of you, it might be easier to find that exit. Let’s have a look at that assuming you are falling out on your right side.

Hand Positioning While Falling Out Of Handstand

In this hand positioning, you can see that the right hand has been repositioned in front of the head. Fingers are facing towards the left.

You can train yourself to learn that repositioning. In the “First Steps” workout in the Novice level of Handstand Mastery, new hand standers work on wall bent leg cartwheel exits for this.

Don’t tell the boss about it, but I’ll share it with you here:

Btw – I don’t know why I said 45-degree angle in this video… clearly it’s 90-degrees hand change we’re looking at lol

You can also have a friend or family member support your hips as you start to walk them up the wall. And move with you as you perform the exits.

How To Fall Out Of A Handstand: Learn Side Travels And Cartwheels

Okay, I’ve got two more quick tips to share with you. I think these will really help you out.

Firstly, they’ll help you get stronger for handstands. Not only that, but they allow you to work on bringing your hips over your wrists. And learn body control.

Not only great for learning how to fall out of a handstand. But for conditioning your body for the practice overall.

Side Travels

Side travels are really simple.

Except they’re hard AF to do…

Even for myself!

From standing, you will bring your feet a little wider than hips distance. Place your hands on the ground to the outside of a leg. You will then (with control) hop over to the other side of your hands. Perform this side to side.

Here’s the Side Travels drill from a novice workout in Handstand Mastery for you here:

Practice these suckers and you will feel a little more comfortable with your hips going over your shoulders.


I wanna share one more thing with you.


Everyone can practice cartwheels!

And they’re one of the best things you can practice as a “prerequisite” to handstands.

I mean I think I suck at em, personally. But if you get good at them… Man you will have good control when you focus more on your straight-line handstand practice!

Seriously, cartwheels are ninja shit.

And they’ll help you overcome that fear of falling over.

First, you can practice them with bent legs.

Practice those bad Sally’s as often as you can.

Once you feel comfortable with those, you’ll have to of course move on to the full cartwheel:

Now here we have the true essence of falling out of a handstand.

As you perform cartwheels, your legs are straight. Notice how that lead leg directs you through the cartwheel?

Once “uh-oh” time hits, that’s when you extend that leg and cartwheel out like the mother luvin’ Ninja that you are!

And you exit handstand to a side rather than turtling on your back.

Hope that helps!

Learn How To Handstand Properly

So you learned how to fall out of a handstand like a badass. Keeping your pride in tact.

Proud of you 😉

What’s next?

Well you keep practicing those drills I shared with you above. I would also recommend you checkout Handstand 101, my free handstand training series. These training modules teach you the foundations of a solid handstand. So you know exactly what to focus on for a freestanding handstand.

Click here to sign up for Handstand 101.

That’s always a good place to get started. If you decide to join, I look forward to exploring the world upside down with you! 🙃

Also, please leave a comment below with any of your questions. I’m happy to help.



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