Yoga for Men: Build Strength In Body & Mind (Part 1 of 2)

Sometime back in 2009ish, I found myself asking Dr. Google how to improve flexibility for martial arts. And that’s what led me into yoga.

My first class was NOT what I was expecting…

Figured we’d just be stretching and call it a day.

Man. Was I wrong!

In a room heated like a sauna – I was wrung out like a rag! With all of the lunging, twisting, folding, balancing, and movement involved – sweat was pouring out of me in buckets.

Afterwards, tho…

I felt incredible!

Definitely energized. My body invigorated. And my mind felt clear. The stress of the day literally washed away.

Thought to myself…

WOW. That was unbelievable. And I need to do more of it!

Why Men Should Do Yoga


Ironically, yoga was originally made for men. By men.

However, western society’s adoption of this ancient practice has largely been a population of women. And for men, it can be intimidating – entering a class with ex-gymnasts, dancers, and acrobatics whose skill and flexibility are likely far superior.

But the ultimate truth is, yoga is in no way “for women” any more than it is “for men”. Yoga is for everybody and anybody. It doesn’t even care what pronoun you go by.

We can all benefit from a regular yoga practice.

In fact, it is the ultimate practice in terms of accessibility. You can be a beginner starting out. Or an advanced practitioner with decades of experience. Obviously, the advanced yogi will be able to access more advanced skills and poses. But there are always variations and progressions before that are accessible to the beginner.

The possibilities are endless!

Yoga can help you:

  • Move better for sport
  • Complement an existing exercise routine
  • Lose weight and tone muscles
  • Feel better in your joints and lower-back
  • Experience better sexual function
  • Build strength and stamina
  • Learn total body control
  • Become more flexible
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Sleep better
  • And more!

Mens Yoga for Beginners: Move & Feel Better for Everyday Life

On the next page, you will learn exactly how yoga can help you experience better sex, improve flexibility, and build total body strength.

And if you’re up for the challenge, I have a free 7-day mens yoga series that you can follow along with anytime at home.

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