5 Minute Morning Mobility Routine – Move & Feel Your Best!

By Jason Jacques

Got 5 minutes for better movements? This morning mobility routine will stretch out and warmup your body. So you can feel great for the rest of your day!

Sometimes, you don’t have time for full workouts or lots of drills. This minimalist morning mobility routine will give you simple exercises to loosen up your muscles. And open up tight joints. While energizing you for your day.

Can you do more?


In fact, I included three bonus mobility exercises you can add.

But don’t feel like you need to. This is for those that just want to create a consistent practice of morning mobility.

5 Minute Morning Mobility Routine

Keep It Simple, Stupid: Minimalistic Stretches For Your Morning

The problem with trying to do ALL the stretches is that people get overwhelmed and don’t make it habit.

To help you out, I simply selected three that will help you loosen up and feel energized for your day.

If you want to add more stretches and mobility exercises, our free Mobility Boost gives you a daily mobility exercise, followed by a 25-minute mobility class on day 7.

What did you think of this morning mobility routine?

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