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Ever Feel Like Your Body Doesn’t Move Like It Used To?

Maybe it’s feeling even stiffer as the years go on?

In fact, can you even remember moving without worrying about nagging aches-and-pains?

And why is it such a chore now to simply bend over to tie your damn shoe!?

If you feel stiffer than a sheet of plywood, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, there is hope!

Our body’s are aging whether we like it or not…

Just face it: We are no longer the spry athletes we once were!

Take a look around. You’ll see it in your friends and family. More and more of us are dealing with:

  • Stiff bodies
  • Aches and pains
  • Bad posture
  • Weak core stability
  • Lower back pain
  • And more…

Problem is… the fitness industry works against us…

With the focus on shiny things: like building bigger biceps. Ripped abs. Firm glutes.

(You can still have those, btw).

As a result, mainstream fitness has you beating up your body with a lot of high-intensity routines. Like weightlifting, bodybuilding, and crossfit programs.

Sure, resistance training IS great… but don’t forget about recovery!

And for most people, it’s no longer about hitting PRs at the gym. 

It’s about moving and feeling good in your body even well past your prime!

Learn How To Improve Strength & Flexibility Simultaneously

Hey, Jason here. Founder of WithinMVMNT.

Growing up, I was involved in a lot of activities. From a small child I played soccer, baseball, some basketball and hockey. As I got into my teenage years, skateboarding and snowboarding entered the scene.

There were a few broken bones and many rolled ankles. In fact, only recently I discovered I am missing a few ankle ligaments…

Yeah, I’ve beaten up my body a bit…

Anyways, shortly after graduating high-school, I got into martial arts.

And that’s when I learned how terribly immobile I was…

I was always good athletically. However, jiu-jitsu immediately pointed out how terrible I actually moved. Functionally, I moved with the elasticity of a 2×4.

So not very well…

I KNEW one thing was for sure. I had to improve my mobility.

And that’s when I stumbled upon yoga…

Healing & Protecting The Body

Yoga helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my flexibility. My martial arts skills improved dramatically along with it.

Unfortunately, in a grappling tournament, all that hard work from training came to a halt. Right after my right leg happened to fold in half. With a loud “POP!” echoing off the gym walls. Letting everyone know my “ACL has left the chat”.

I rolled around as if I were on fire. Because my knee sure was…

Injuries suck. They suck BIG time.

After an injury, you realize just how vulnerable your body is. And that it is definitely NOT indestructible.

As you can see, my body has taken its fair share of high-impact abuse.

And yet I feel incredible. What I don’t understand, is hearing from my friends and family whose bodies have not incurred injuries. Complaining about low back pain, sore joints, and stiff, achey areas in their bodies.

How is it that I can move and feel incredible. Still go snowboarding every damn winter. Lift heavy weights. And workout my body continually past its limits?

Because I take care of it. Through yoga and functional MVMNT…

And you can too!

Yoga Meets Functional Fitness Training

WithinMVMNT takes a functional approach to exercise and movement. We use yoga and fitness to create bodies that are strong and supple.

The essence of yoga–through its focused breathing–gives us mindfulness practices we can use to improve in body and in mind.

  • Building strength
  • Improving flexibility
  • Becoming more mobile
  • Experiencing longer lasting better sex
  • Enhancing clarity and focus
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • And so much more…

WithinMVMNT gives you the very best of yoga practices. But remixes it to fit in with your modern lifestyle activities.

Like our Yoga for Weightlifters Series– which gives you tailored yoga classes to use for your rest and recovery. This is where we utilize specific yoga poses to tailor the classes around assisting to stretch and lengthen the muscles in those specific areas. As well as complement your weight training by enhancing deep-connective tissue strength surrounding the joints.

WithinMVMNT classes and series are designed to help you level up in body and mind.

Whether that is to build strength, improve mobility, learn new skills, and/or assist your current exercise programming. WithinMVMNT helps you create a body you move and feel amazing in.

What’s more, you can tone your muscles and lose weight. While discovering what your body and mind are truly capable of!

Try It For Yourself

What I guarantee is that you will learn to move better and have fun doing it.

In fact, I’m so confident you are going to love WithinMVMNT, that we have made it available with a 100% FREE 14-day trial offer.

Btw–if now isn’t the right time and you are not ready to commit, no worries. We also have a free program available called the Daily MVMNT Series. Feel free to start there and consider enrolling in the Academy later.

BUT right now we have our 2-weeks free trial offer going. And this might change as the Academy grows and more programs and classes become available.

My recommendation is to enrol in the membership. Try out the classes and series.

See how you feel in 2-weeks.

IF you are NOT feeling the benefits – just cancel! No hard feelings. You will not be charged.

But I know you are going to love the benefits. And as you start to move and feel better, you will want to stick around.

You’ll take your body (and mind) to a whole new level!

Wanna see what WithinMVMNT can do for you?

Sign up today for a 14-day trial and try it out for yourself!



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  • All Classes & Programs
  • Access to Members Only Content
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  • Free 14-Day Trial
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If you have an enrolment question, please feel free to contact us here (opens new window). I look forward to moving with you in future classes and series.

See you inside!

Jason Jacques