Why Yoga? Can’t You Just Gimme A Stretch I Can Do For My Tight Hamstrings?

All you flexible people should go bang some iron, and all you big weight lifters should go do some yoga… We always gravitate toward our strengths because we want to be in our glory.”

Laird Hamilton via Tools of Titans

I don’t know about you. But I like being able to move and feel incredible in my body. And combining strength training and yoga is the best way I have found to do so.

Firstly, strength training involves more “Fight-or-flight” or sympathetic nervous system activity. You get the benefit of putting that adrenaline towards those reps at the gym. And of course, put in motion all the great benefits of working out the body.

Then, you can bring in yoga to flip the switch into “rest and digest” mode. Because of its focus on controlled breathing – yoga has an upper hand in parasympathetic nervous system activity.

Yoga is oil for your joints. Medicine for your muscles.

And not only can it enhance your flexibility and mobility… but it can improve performance and decrease your chances of injury!

In fact, yoga involves stabilization and balance. Making those deep core muscles and connective tissues work. In Anatomy of Hatha Yoga, H.David Coulter describes it like rebar in concrete.

You will find more proprioception and bodyweight control. Literally, you will move better.

Not only helping your weightlifting, but your everyday life!

Yoga is NOT “Just Stretching”

I always wanna pull my hair out when I hear, “but isn’t yoga just stretching?”

Hell no.

Firstly, yoga itself is actually an ancient lifestyle philosophy dating over 5,000 years old. It didn’t even have anything to do with the funky movements you see today. Those came later with Hatha yoga.

The philosophies of yoga are about finding internal enlightenment through the external practices of discipline and moral integrity.

Out of the 8-limbs (a categorization of the yoga sutras) from ashtanga yoga, the “Asana” and the “Pranayama” are what is most practiced in the west.

Asana: the physical poses.

Pranayama: the breath.

We are not going to get into any kinda yoga philosophy here. We will utilize the asana and pranayama (poses and breath) practices.

The asanas aka poses will help you to improve flexibility. And strengthen the deep connective tissues. Improve balance. And stability.

They are what most people associate with “just stretching”. Which isn’t true, either. While many do stretch your muscles, asanas can also put time under tension on the muscles involving isometric strengthening.

As well, pranayama will help you to activate that parasympathetic activity and wash away adrenaline and cortisol. So you can enhance rest & recovery while stretching the muscles you worked!

It will also help you to cool your jets. Calm your mind. And find more clarity and focus.

And this is why I encouraged my buddy Brad to go beyond just doing a stretch for his hamstrings.

Yoga and weightlifting are a match made in heaven!

How WithinMVMNT Classes are Designed With Weightlifters in Mind

What happens when its chest day at the gym?

A whole lotta pushing. That’s what!

Concentric exercises involved in weightlifting require a lot of scapular protraction and shortening of the pectorals.

So if you have just destroyed the muscle tissue at the gym… Why not follow yoga sequences with chest opening yoga poses? Ones that stretch your pectorals and shoulders out.

Or after a heavy deadlifting session. Why not have a yoga sequence for those hamstrings and lower back?

Ultimately, WithinMVMNT Yoga for Weightlifters classes are mindful of the biomechanics involved in weightlifting.

Whether you are following a full-body training, or any kind of split training program. You can find categorized yoga sequences you can use around your training.

It’s Time to Take a Holistic Approach to Your Fitness

Growing up, I was always an inflexible string-bean. Like so skinny, a gust of wind had the power to throw me down the street. Not that it had to, mind you. I was always pretty good at doing that off of my skateboard.

And when when I got into martial arts, I realized how brutal it actually was. Because I got my ass kicked for it…

I needed a stronger, more athletic body.

Luckily, I was getting into a solid strength training. And once I tried jiu-jitsu, I realized how terribly inflexible I was.

That is what led me to yoga.

I read online somewhere that it was good for martial arts. And at that time, I would do anything to improve my mobility. I was tired of feeling like a stiff 2×4 while these jiu-jitsu guys were throwing limbs everywhere.

Sometime back in 2009, I found myself stepping foot into my first yoga class. And wow what an experience!

My body (and mind) was wrung out like a rag. With all of the lunging… twisting… balancing… stabilizing… stretching…

I laid there on the mat. Mind was clear. My body invigorated. Instantly, I knew I had to get me more of this yoga stuff!

And let me tell you, the collaboration of strength training AND yoga do wonders for your body. My performance improved dramatically in martial arts and fitness. I started moving like a damn superhuman.

Unfortunately when I tore my ACL, I left the martial arts world behind. But strength training and yoga were crucial tools in rehabilitating my knee post surgery. Along with all of my past injuries.

I credit yoga and strength training for keeping me moving pain free.

Take Your Body to the Next Level

Flexibility is underrated. In fitness, it is barely discussed. Maybe a stretch or two suggested as part of a cool-down.

As a result, most folks are highly immobile. Even bending over to touch their toes seems like an impossible task.

Committing to a regular yoga practice, on top of strength training, is the single best way I have found to level up your body in such an incredible way.

I love strength training and yoga.

And I know you’re gonna love it too…

So much so, WithinMVMNT is offering you a free 14-day trial to access the Yoga for Weightlifters program.

Not only is that a sweet deal…

But if you like it. And decide you wanna stay after the 14-days. It is only $12/month or $119/year thereafter!

You can’t even drop in to a single class at your local studio for that low!

Sign Up For Your Free Trial Membership

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Within Academy takes yoga and bodyweight fitness. And provides you with classes and tools to improve your yoga practice and physical fitness.

Again, you have 14-days to try it out for yourself. If you don’t want to stick around, just cancel before the 15th day and you won’t be charged a single penny.

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  • All Classes & Programs
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Should you have any questions about the membership, please feel free to reach me at jason[at]withinmvmnt.com.

Hope to see you inside! Thanks for stopping by.

Best wishes,

Jason Jacques


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