How WithinMVMNT Classes are Designed With Weightlifters in Mind

All you flexible people should go bang some iron, and all you big weight lifters should go do some yoga… We always gravitate toward our strengths because we want to be in our glory.”

Laird Hamilton

Ever Feel Like Your Body Doesn’t Move Like It Used To?

As we spend more time here on earth, our lifestyle habits start to take over: Our bodies tighten up and become stiffer. 

  • Aches and pains from old injuries nag at us
  • Imbalances show up from repetitive movement patterns
  • Sitting continues to destroy our hips and lower backs

It’s tragic how supple we were as youth. Only to grow up to move and feel more like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz.

Maybe you’re feeling stiffer as the years go on?

In fact, can you even remember moving without worrying about nagging aches-and-pains?

And why is it such a chore now to simply bend over to tie your damn shoe!?

If you feel stiffer than a sheet of plywood, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, there is hope!

Our body’s are aging whether we like it or not…

Just face it: We are no longer the spry athletes we once were!

Take a look around. You’ll see it in your friends and family. More and more of us are dealing with:

  • Stiff bodies
  • Aches and pains
  • Bad posture
  • Weak core stability
  • Lower back pain
  • And more…

Problem is… the fitness industry works against us…

With the focus on shiny things: like building bigger biceps. Ripped abs. Firm glutes.

(You can still have those, btw).

As a result, mainstream fitness has you beating up your body with a lot of high-intensity routines. Like weightlifting, bodybuilding, and crossfit programs.

Sure, resistance training IS great… but don’t forget about mobility!

And for most people, it’s no longer about hitting PRs at the gym. 

It’s about moving and feeling good in your body well past your prime!

Become a Better Lifter With Yoga!

Do you have any nagging aches and pains in your body after a day of lifting?

You know… the ones you get from repeating the same movements over and over.

Lifters deal with muscle soreness in key areas of the body: the chest, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

But imagine if you could recover and be ready to hit the weights hard. While not only priming your muscles for more strength training, but improving how you move and feel while you do it.

Yoga for Lifters was designed with these things in mind. Not only will it help you become a better lifter by improving your recovery and increasing range of motion, it can also help you:

  • Improve your posture and joint health…
  • Eliminate aches and pains from heavy lifting and repeated muscle use…
  • Increase flexibility quickly…
  • Firm, tone, and lengthen your muscles…
  • Feel more relaxed and limber…
  • And more…

Take Your Body to the Next Level

Flexibility is underrated. In fitness, it is barely discussed. Maybe a stretch or two suggested as part of a cool-down.

As a result, most folks are highly immobile. Even bending over to touch their toes seems like an impossible task.

Committing to a regular yoga or movement practice, on top of strength training, is one of the best ways to level up your body (and calm your mind).

Join Yoga For Lifters And Discover What Your Body Is Truly Capable Of…

Ready to up your mobility, clear your mind, and improve athletic performance?

Yoga for Lifters gives you everything you need to maximize your rest and recovery. So you can get back to the gym feeling great.

We’re adding new community features all the time, but here’s just some of what you can expect from day one of your membership:

✓ Yoga for Lifters “Daily 10” Program: These 10-minute sequences are designed to target specific areas around your resistance training. Use these everyday, or pick and choose which serves you best. This program sells for $95 separately, but it’s included with your membership.

✓ Yin Yoga for Flexibility Classes: Slow it down with the best workout recovery classes to open up tight muscles and improve your flexibility!

✓ Yoga for Lifters Exclusive Members-Only Newsletters: Our members-only newsletters provide accountability and ensure you are progressing with your practice.

✓ New Classes Published Every Month: Inside Yoga for Lifters, we’re always evolving and adding new content for members.

✓ Featured Workshops & Trainings: Want to learn more advanced skills like inversions and take your practice further? Gain access to workshops and trainings that focus on your development.

✓ Instant access to all programs, training, resources, and future updates.

FREE BONUS: Handstand Mastery Program

Learn how to handstand with our featured progressive handstand training program. Featuring levels through novice, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This program sells for $95 separately, but it’s included as a FREE BONUS with your membership.

If you don’t see results, get your money back!

Yoga for Lifters is a $19 / month or $189 / year investment. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, let me give you some reassurance.

When you join, you’ll have instant access to the Yoga for Lifters “Daily 10” program. These are tailored to use after your workouts and on your rest days. Available for you to stream anytime, anywhere.

Want to really improve your flexibility and workout recovery? Gain instant access to our featured Yin Yoga for Flexibility classes. Make it a part of your weekly rest and recovery. Or use it anytime you feel like you need a little TLC.

As an added bonus, you will also gain instant access to our Handstand Training program. This is a full progressive training program geared towards learning how to handstand. Featuring exercises that will strengthen your body and develop proprioception for hand-balancing. As well as improve flexibility and mobility. This program sells separately for $95, however, it is included as a FREE BONUS in your membership.

Finally, you will instantly be added to our members-only Yoga for Lifters newsletter. Every month you will receive new tips and helpful information about yoga, mobility, and how to optimize your workout recovery.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We are always evolving and improving the platform to make the most out of your practice.

That said, we want this to be a risk-free decision for you. Sign up and participate in Yoga for Lifters for a full 30 days, and if it’s not for you, simply request a full refund. No questions asked!

Fair deal? Let’s get started!

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Should you have any questions about the membership, please feel free to reach me at jason[at]

See you inside!

Best wishes,

Jason Jacques