Yoga for Athletes Full Video Class For Beginners (45-Minutes)

By Jason Jacques

If you’re seeking yoga for athletes classes you can use around your training, then you have landed upon the best page this year!

And just for you, I have a yoga for athletes beginners video class.

This 45-minute youtube yoga class for athletes is going to open your body up. And teach you how to move with your breath. So you can step out of that ‘fight-or-flight’ mode and cool your jets for recovery.

You and I both know the benefits of yoga…

  • Improved flexibility
  • Better mobility
  • Stronger body
  • Clearer mind

So I am glad you are here with me for this yoga for athletes beginner friendly class!

Why Should Athletes Do Yoga?

Numerous reasons.

One thing that I want to stress the most, is that yoga does a damn good job at tying up the loose ends…

What do I mean by loose ends?

I don’t mean Mafia job kinda loose ends. I don’t think you can down-dog your way outta those ones…

What I mean, are those weaknesses not being addressed in your regular routine.

We fall into those repetitive movement patterns. Performing the same training over and over.

And it makes sense! It’s important to train for Progressive Overload with your strength and performance related goals.

Well. You should be progressing in all aspects.

BUT… if you are like most…

You likely haven’t been putting a lot of attention into mobility or flexibility. Adding yoga helps tremendously.

Not only does it help you improve your range of motion (which is great for athletic performance, btw)…

…but yoga also does a fantastic job of strengthening the deep connective tissue surrounding your joints!

Yoga Also Helps With Mental Clarity & Emotional Reactivity

In a moment, you will learn about controlled breathing. We will just focus on movements that are controlled with the breath.

Yoga creates a ‘meditation in motion’ through pranayama (that’s breathing) and asana (that’s the physical part).

Most of the WithinMVMNT classes are geared towards helping you become strong and supple through strength training and yoga. I teach are adapted variations of traditional classes. Featuring more modern exercise movements.

But the most important thing, is to keep with a consistent practice!


Here’s your yoga for athletes beginners YouTube class. Enjoy!

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