Yoga for Bodybuilders: Full Video Class For Rest & Recovery

By Jason Jacques

Why yoga for bodybuilders?

Truth is, one thing that is MASSIVELY underrated is flexibility.

For real. All of my jacked bodybuilder and powerlifter friends have strength for days. But a lot of em complain about things like tight hamstrings, lower back pain; and move like they’re 50 years their senior!

Not all of them, mind you. The ones that seek things like yoga and/or mobility training do well. I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself with how well some of those bodybuilders move on stage! You need to be supple for the sport!

BUT if I had to put money on it – I’d bet that not even a single one of my bros in swol could even touch their damn toes!

Yoga is great to complement your bodybuilding routine with. Anytime after your workouts, it will assist you in recovery. Not only will you improve flexibility, but this mindful movement will allow you to move with more fluidity. Through all ranges of motion!

Believe it or not: strength training and yoga will turn you into Benjamin Button. Well, at least you will feel more youthful.

Yoga is like the fountain of youth. And I know you’re gonna love practicing yoga around your workouts. Let’s get you started with a beginners Yoga for Bodybuilders rest and recovery class.

Yoga for Bodybuilders Full Length Follow Along Video Class!

You pumped? I’m pumped. It’s time to iron out those muscles. You’ve worked hard. Now it’s time for a little Rest & Recovery.

Here’s the yoga for bodybuilders class:

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Stay supple,

Jason Jacques

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