3 Free Yoga For Weightlifters Video Classes (Transform Your Recovery)

By Jason Jacques

Looking for go-to yoga for weightlifters youtube video classes?

You’re in the right place! This article features 3 free yoga for weightlifters video classes that will transform your workout rest & recovery.

You and I both know all that loading on the body tightens things up. One of the best things you can do to complement all that heavy lifting is by combining yoga with your weightlifting routine.

In fact, yoga and weightlifting go together like Jim and Pam. Eric and Donna. Fred and Wilma. Homer and Marge. Louis and Peter…

You get the picture. Totally different. But they were made for each other…

And as Laird Hamilton was quoted on fixing physical weaknesses in Tools of Titans:

All you flexible people should go bang some iron, and all you big weight lifters should do some yoga…

Yoga for Weightlifters Video Classes To Improve Flexibility & Mobility

The classes I’ve created below are to improve your range of motion and lengthen prime mover muscles. They’re sort of ‘tailored’ yoga classes for weightlifters.

You may be wondering, should you do yoga before or after weights?

I always recommend after your workouts, or on rest days. I don’t recommend any flexibility work other than dynamic stretching before weightlifting.

The caveat being, you perform yoga in the mornings. Working out later in the day.

It’s ultimately about preference. I go by intensity. So strength training before the recovery work.

Below are 3 yoga for weightlifters video classes that you can get started with!

Give all 3 a try on your next rest days. Then fit the classes into your routine however you like to.


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Yoga For Weightlifters Video Class 1 (20-Mins)

This power yoga for weightlifting sequence is a great ‘Mobility RX’ to work in around your workout routine. Its dynamic movements will give you a bit of a workout while giving you some long static poses to lengthen tight muscles in your chest, shoulders, and hips.

The yoga for weightlifters class will work through some isometric strengthening in the core, and then work into some straight arm scapular strengthening to “bulletproof” your shoulder joints and mitigate chances of weightlifting injuries.

You will also move through some incredible hip mobility exercises for weightlifters. These will not only help to maximize your Range of Motion (ROM) in the hip area, but build strength in the deep connective tissue. I will also be giving some key pointers when it comes to the hip-hinge. This is an important mobility cue–most people get this wrong when it comes to forward folding. They instead bend in the back, which is NOT what we want when it comes to hip-hinge mobility.

Finally, we will do a little strengthening and lengthening of your lower back muscles. We all know how tight the posterior-chain can be after some heavy weightlifting sessions. This is going to feel great if you have any lower back issues.

Yoga For Weightlifters Video Class 2 (15-Minutes)

Looking for a quick yoga sequence to use for a post-workout cool down? This is the perfect yoga for weightlifters, crossfitters, and powerlifters (or anyone for that matter).

We’ll slow it down in this sequence and sink into some deep, long-held stretches. Your body will relax and open up. We’ll work into flexibility in the hips and stretch into the thoracic spine.

It’s a chill class that will also help to wash away any stress or anxiety. I think you’re really going to like this one.

Yoga For Weightlifters Video Class 3 (15-Mins)

This is a short yet powerful dynamic mobility routine you can fit in around your weightlifting routine.

When it comes to these sequences, I design them with timeliness in mind. I know first hand how hard it can be to fit a yoga routine for weightlifters in around an already busy schedule. But we all can agree on the importance of mobility and flexibility work. If you’re a weightlifter, powerlifter, crossfitter, or athlete in any capacity – my hope is that these sequences will help you gain enhanced Range of Motion (ROM), flexibility, and mitigate muscle soreness and injuries. Because I think yoga for weightlifters is super beneficial for these reasons!

So drop the barbell for a moment and let’s move in a new way. Because as you get older, your body will thank you for it!

Practice Yoga for Weightlifters Video Classes Often For Best Results

Don’t forget to practice often!

I would also recommend checking out a yoga studio or two near you. Many have introductory offers, and/or you can try dropping in on a few classes. It’s good to get a teacher in front of you and try out multiple styles.

Ultimately, getting into a regular practice will do a world of good for your body (and mind). And by continuing to explore movements, your body will reap the mobility gains in addition to the strength from weightlifting.

It pays to think holistically about your approach to health and wellness.

Hope you’ve found this helpful for your weightlifting routine. Any questions, comments, or requests – just lemme know in the comments below!



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